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Wholesale ECO Wave Maker 1600 GPH Adjustable Submersible

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24V DC ECO Quiet Propeller Loop Sine Wave Maker Circulation Pump Marine Coral Reef Aquarium with strong Magnet Mount


Saltwater fish and corals are accustomed to having water flow based on their natural environments. Adding an LBS wavemaker is a perfect tool to create that natural environment your ecosystem demands. Get all the modern features in an affordable, reliable, and practical package with LBS Powerheads.


Even Freshwater tanks can benefit from LBS Wavemakers. For larger tanks, detritus can easily build up on your substrate. Adding a wavemaker on a low setting will create a circular flow, pulling detritus off the substrate and into your filters. Spend less time on your water changes and cleanup day by adding an LBS Wavemaker.


For more information about this product family and it's uses please refer to this video

Product details:

  • 1600 GPH (9000 L/H)
  • Digital Controller
  • Power Supply
  • 6 ft. 3 Prong Grounded Plug SJTW Cord (USA), UL certification.
  • Voltage: 110 V (60 Hz) adapter to 24V
  • Power consumption: 5w-20w
  • Magnetic mounting base
  • We recommend the LBS-20 for folks with 40+ gallon tanks, LBS-30 for folks with 75+ gallon tanks, and the LBS-50 with 110+ gallon tanks.

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